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Cricket Nets Fixing on Terrace

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Terrace Cricket Net Installation in Hyderabad

Updated on Saturday, April 06, 2024

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An Overview of Cricket Net on terrace

Finding a good place to practice is something that many cricket players struggle with, particularly in urban areas. This is where you can turn your terrace into a customized cricket area with installation of cricket nets. Terrace at home can become a convenient and enjoyable space for practicing your cricket skills.

Cricket practice nets on terraces are specially designed nets crafted from high-tensile strength materials like nylon or HDPE. These nets are strategically installed around the perimeter of your terrace, creating a safe and enclosed space for practice. They come in various mesh sizes and strengths, catered to the intensity and type of practice you desire.

Elevate Your Game: The Ultimate Cricket Net for Terrace Practice

Looking to transform your terrace into a cricket haven? Look no further than a cricket net for terrace. Our specially designed nets are perfect for setting up a practice area right on your terrace, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of cricket in the comfort of your own home. Whether you're working on your batting technique, sharpening your bowling skills, or practicing your catches, a cricket net for terrace provides a safe and convenient space for all your cricketing needs. Say goodbye to the hassle of traveling to the cricket ground and hello to endless hours of enjoyable practice sessions right at home.

Why are Terrace Cricket Nets essential?

Playing cricket on the ground is no longer the only option. Since most cricket players play closer to home, people are converting terraces or rooftops into cricket pitches because they anticipate using them more frequently there.

Terrace cricket nets are essential for the following reasons:

Constrained Space in Cities: Locating an appropriate surface for cricket practice in urban areas with few open spaces can be difficult. People can play cricket without a designated cricket ground by fixing a Cricket Net on Terrace in their homes.
Stopping Balls: Another reason for installing Cricket Nets in terraces at home & shopping malls is to stop balls from going off the building.
Preventing Property Damage: When cricket balls are hit outside of the playing region, windows, buildings, cars, and other property could suffer damage. The cricket net fixing on the terrace serves as a barrier, preventing potential damage to the nearby structures.

Best Terrace Cricket Nets in Hyderabad

Advantages of Installing Cricket Nets for Terrace

Skill Improvement: Terrace cricket nets offer a convenient space for skill enhancement.
Convenience: Practice without the hassle of traveling to a cricket ground
Efficiency: By practicing consistently on your own spaces can motivate you more to correct the mistakes and to perform effectively
Anytime Practice: Flexibility to practice at any time that suits your schedule.
Personalized Setup: Customize your practice environment to match your preferences.

cricket net in terrace

A cricket net on a terrace is a creative solution for cricket enthusiasts lacking access to conventional playing fields. It involves setting up a netted enclosure on the terrace, creating a designated area for cricket practice or matches. This innovative setup allows players to enjoy the sport while making efficient use of limited space. Cricket nets on terraces provide a convenient option for urban dwellers, offering a private and controlled environment for honing cricketing skills without the need for expansive grounds. They facilitate recreational matches, practice sessions, and friendly competitions, enabling cricket lovers to indulge in their passion closer to home.

Application of Cricket Nets for Terrace

Home Application: These sports nets at home offer a convenient space for enthusiasts to practice, eliminating the need for external facilities and allowing focused skill development.

Shopping Mall Attraction: In shopping malls, cricket nets provide an innovative recreational blend, creating a unique entertainment experience. This dual-purpose use enhances the overall appeal of the shopping mall, attracting diverse visitors for a memorable experience.

Educational Institutions (Schools and Colleges): Schools and colleges with available terrace space could allocate an area for cricket nets, offering students a recreational outlet and a chance to hone their cricket skills.

Corporate Offices: Some offices with terrace facilities might consider installing cricket nets, allowing employees to unwind and engage in physical activity during breaks or after work hours.

Recreation Clubs: Clubs dedicated to recreational activities, sports, or fitness may find value in establishing cricket nets on their terraces, attracting members interested in the sport.

Public Parks with Elevated Platforms: Parks that have elevated platforms or designated terrace areas could introduce cricket nets, providing a new dimension to outdoor activities and attracting cricket enthusiasts from the community.

Cricket Net Installation in Home and Shopping Malls

Why Choose us for Terrace Cricket Nets Installation in Hyderabad?

1. Extended Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with our extended warranty of 3 to 5 years, ensuring the durability and quality of the cricket nets we install.
2. Complimentary Installation: We provide free cricket net installation, ensuring a seamless and efficient setup process.
3. Nets Replacement Guarantee: We offer a guarantee for the replacement of nets if they incur natural damage within the warranty period, providing added value and protection for your investment.
4. Regular Post-Installation Services: Stay worry-free with our commitment to post-installation services. We conduct thorough check-ups every six months until the warranty period, ensuring the continued effectiveness and safety of your cricket nets.
5. Customization Options: Tailor the cricket nets to your specific requirements, taking advantage of our customization options to fit the dimensions and design preferences of your space.
6. Quality Materials: Rest assured that we use high-quality materials for our cricket nets, ensuring longevity and optimal performance during practice sessions.
7. Expert Installation Team: Rely on our experienced and skilled installation team to ensure that the cricket nets are installed securely and in accordance with the highest standards.
Choose us for your cricket nets installation in Hyderabad, and experience a combination of quality, reliability, and comprehensive services to elevate your cricket practice environment.

Where can I purchase terrace cricket nets near me in hyderabad?

Online Purchase: Choose from cricket nets on Amazon, Flipkart, or sports retailers online. Check product details, reviews, and compare prices for an informed decision on size, material, and warranty.
With Professionals: Prefer a direct approach, buy from local suppliers in Hyderabad like us for communication, product inspection, and potential customization. Inquire about warranty, installation assistance, and additional services for a tailored buying experience.

Terrace Cricket Net to Stop Ball

Complete Installation Process of Cricket nets on terrace

1. Assess terrace space for suitable cricket net dimensions.
2. Choose durable, weather-resistant net material like nylon or HDPE.
3. Measure and mark the designated installation area accurately.
4. Clearly mark points for fixing sturdy support posts on the terrace.
5. Install support posts securely at marked locations.
6. Attach the cricket net material to installed posts with proper tension.
7. Resize the net based on the assessed terrace area.
8. Conduct a thorough test to ensure effective ball containment.
9. Consider additional safety measures, such as padding.
10. Perform a final inspection to confirm a secure and safe installation.

Step by Step Guide for Terrace Cricket Net Installation

What are the specifications of Outdoor Cricket Nets?

Brand Garware / Tuff Material
Material Nylon Nets
Net Size Depends on your needs
Color Green
Hole Shape Square
Mesh Size 40 mm to 50 mm
Thickness 2.5mm
Netting type Knotted (Machine Made)
Support Pole Iron
Breaking Strength 23.7 kg to 220 Kg/yarn
Warranty 3 to 5 Years
Weather Resistant UV proof Resistant

Don't let limited space limit your cricketing potential. Transform your terrace into a practice haven with cricket practice nets from Fast Safety Nets Hyderabad. Unleash your inner champion, one perfectly timed shot at a time. Contact us today for a free consultation and let Fast Safety Nets be your partner in cricketing excellence!


Yes, you can install a cricket net on your terrace. Ensure the terrace can support the net's structure, and consider factors like space, safety.

Yes, our cricket nets on terraces are designed for convenience. They can be easily disassembled and stored when not in use, maximizing your terrace space.

Absolutely, we offer customization options to meet your specific training requirements, adapting the cricket net on your terrace to enhance your cricket practice experience.

The cost of Cricket Nets for terrace vary from 10 - 25 Rs/Square Feet according to your needs and the price can be negotiable depending on the larger installation areas.

Common materials for cricket net installation include steel or aluminum poles, durable netting made of nylon or polyethylene, and fittings such as hooks, clamps, and ropes for securing the nets.