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Netting in Balcony Grill for Bird Control

Updated on Monday, March 18, 2024

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In many apartments, individual homes, Offices, balconies are equipped with grills that may not provide enough safety measures or address the challenges posed by birds, particularly pigeons. One of the biggest concerns when it comes to balcony safety is the risk of falls. Young children and pets can easily fall through the gaps in balcony railings, which can lead to serious injuries or even death. Another issue that many people face with their balconies is bird infestations. In Hyderabad, birds can often be a nuisance, especially if they are nesting in your balcony. Bird droppings can be unsightly and can also pose health risks.

Installing Net for Balcony Grill is a simple yet effective solution to prevent the risks associated with balconies, providing safety without compromising the outdoor experience. They are a humane, reliable, and essential safety measure for homes and buildings with elevated outdoor spaces.

Fast Safety Nets Hyderabad specializes in the installation of balcony grill nets, offering residents peace of mind and ensuring the safety of their outdoor spaces. With their expertise and commitment to quality, Fast Safety Nets is the preferred choice for balcony safety solutions in Hyderabad. Experience the difference with Fast Safety Nets Hyderabad and safeguard your balcony with confidence.

What are all the problems associated with Grill in Balcony?

Limited Child and Pet Safety - Balcony grills, while providing a barrier, may have large gaps that pose a risk to kids and pets. There is also a chance for objects to fall through or for children to climb, leading to unexpected accidents.
Insufficient Bird Deterrence - Grills do not effectively prevent birds, mainly pigeons, from entering, roosting and nesting on the balcony. This can result in problems such as droppings, noise and damage to the property.
Regular Maintenance - Bird droppings and debris can accumulate on grills that makes regular cleaning and maintenance a necessity. This can be a time-consuming, tedious process and may require additional effort.

To address these challenges effectively, consider incorporating safety nets along with balcony grills. This combination provides a comprehensive solution, offering both safety and aesthetic advantages. When seeking reliable installation services in Hyderabad, Fast Safety Nets ensures swift and efficient solutions tailored to your needs. Protect your loved ones and property effectively with our quality nets.

Why fix Balcony Grill Net?

Importance of Fixing Safety Nets for Balcony Grills:

Child Safety
Children safety nets for balcony grills act as an extra layer of protection, preventing small children from accidentally slipping through or climbing over balcony grills.

Pet Safety
Balcony Grill net for pets provide a secure barricade for pets, preventing them from getting stuck in between the grills or falling off balconies.

Bird and Pigeon Deterrent
Safety nets on Balcony/window Grills effectively deter birds, pigeons, and other animals from entering the balcony area. This helps to keep the balcony clean from droppings and others.

HDPE/Nylon nets for grills are highly customizable to fit balconies/windows of various shapes and sizes. This feature ensures that the aesthetic appeal of the balcony is maintained while addressing safety concerns.

Weather Resistance
Safety nets are made to resist a variety of weather conditions, such as sunlight and rain. They offer steady protection over time because they are strong and long-lasting.

Easy Maintenance
Safety nets are easy to maintain, requiring minimal care.

Compliance with Building Codes
Safety net installation may help ensure adherence to building codes and regulations, particularly in places where child safety precautions are required.

Grill Balcony Safety Nets in Hyderabad

When is it necessary to fit a Balcony Grill Net?

A Net for balcony grill is important for safety. It keeps kids and pets from falling and acts as a barrier against birds. High-rise buildings with bird problems, prevent unwanted access and droppings. Following safety standards is vital, making balcony nets a must. They bring peace of mind, ensuring a worry-free balcony experience.

Young Children at Home
It becomes mandatory to fix a grill net when there are kids at home.

Presence of Pets
If you have pets, especially small ones like cats, fitting a balcony grill net is essential. It prevents them from climbing over or falling through the grills.

High-Risk Balcony Locations
In Balconies located on higher floors, fitting a balcony grill net is crucial to prevent unexpected accidents.

Proximity to Bird-Prone Areas
Net grill for balcony may be necessary for balconies situated in regions where pigeons or birds are common. Nets act as a barrier, preventing birds from entering the balcony space and causing disturbances.

Compliance with Safety Standards
In order to comply with safety standards and building codes, certain residential buildings and local regulations may require the installation of safety features like balcony grill nets.

Unprotected Openings
Setting up a balcony grill net is required to cover any exposed areas and improve safety if the balcony has risky open spaces or unevenly spaced grills.

Prevention of Unwanted Access
For security reasons, balcony grill nets may be needed to prevent unauthorized access to the balcony from outside. This is especially important for balconies on the ground floor.

Where to Install Grill Safety Nets?

Grill safety nets are installed in a variety of locations, primarily on windows, terraces, balconies, and other open spaces within buildings.To stop pigeons and other birds from landing in these areas, these nets serve as an extra layer of protection. In addition to offering protection against bird annoyances like droppings, nesting, and roosting, they also offer safety for kids and pets. They are often used to ensure a clean and safe environment in locations where traditional grills might not provide enough safety.

8 Best Tips to purchase net for balcony grill

When purchasing safety nets for various applications consider the following specialist tips:

Select the Right Material
Choose a durable and weather-proof material, such as HDPE or nylon nets, to ensure long-life and effectiveness of the Nets.

Consider Mesh Size
Opt for a proper mesh size that suits the requirement, balancing strength and service. Mesh Size varies for different applications.

Check UV Resistance
Make sure that the nets are UV-resistant, particularly for outdoor installations, to avoid degradation from sunlight exposure.

Check Brand Reputation
Choose safety nets from reputable brands or manufacturers known for quality products such as Garware and TUFF Brands. Also, read reviews and testimonials to measure customer satisfaction.

Look for products that come with a warranty or guarantee, providing assurance of quality and offering replacement in case of natural defects.

Consult Professionals
Opt for safety net installation professionals to understand specific requirements for your application. They can assist you on the right type of nets and specifications.

Measure the Area
Accurately gauge the installation area to find the quantity and dimensions of the nets required.

Installation Support
Choose suppliers who offer installation support or expert installation services for a hassle-free process.

We provide Safety Nets and installation service all over Hyderabad meeting all the above parameters. We offer HDPE/Nylon Nets from high quality brands such as Garware/TUFF with different mesh sizes to meet the customers requirements. On the same day of enquiry, our expert team will do free inspection of the site with sample materials to measure the corresponding area. Based on the customer’s requirement, our team will guide them further with the right net materials and mesh sizes.

7 Best Tips to purchase Net for Balcony Grill

How to cover balcony grill net?

Installing nets in a grill balcony involves multiple steps. Here is an useful guide

Materials Needed

Safety Nets (HDPE or Nylon)
Hooks or Anchors
Ropes or Cable Ties
Installation Tools (Drill, Screws, etc.)

Installation Steps

Measure and Evaluate
Measure the dimensions of the balcony to determine the amount of netting required. Find any barriers or features that might affect the installation.

Select Quality Nets
Choose high-quality safety nets suitable to withstand outdoor weather conditions.

Prepare the Balcony
Clean the area where the net has to be fixed and remove any debris or obstacles that might interfere with the installation.

Attach Hooks or Anchors
Fix hooks, screws or anchors along the corners of the balcony. These will serve as connecting points for the safety nets.

Fix the Nets
Attach the safety nets to the hooks or anchors using border ropes. Ensure that the nets are securely fastened to prevent gaps.

Tighten and Adjust
Tighten the nets to remove any slack looseness. Ensure that the nets cover the entire balcony area and are properly attached.

Trim Excess Material
Trim any excess netting material to get a neat and customized look.
Secure Edges
Ensure that the safety net’s edges are securely anchored to prevent any openings.

Inspect and Test
Examine the installation to ensure that the nets are secure and properly fixed. Test the strength and integrity of the installation by applying gentle pressure.

Maintenance and Checks
Periodically inspect the nets for any symptoms of wear, damage, or loosening. Do regular maintenance to keep the installation in good condition.
It's important to follow safety guidelines and, if necessary, get professional assistance for the installation. The process may vary based on the type of safety nets and the shape of the balcony.

Do’s and Don'ts of Net for Balcony grill installation

Do’s Don'ts
Measure and Plan Avoid Overloading
Choose High-Quality Nets Protect from Sharp Objects
Regular Maintenance No Flames Near the Net
Trim Excess Material Child Supervision & education
Net for Balcony Grill Fixing Near Me

Why Choose us?

We are having 9+ years of experience in the field of netting and installation service.
Choosing us for your safety net needs guarantees the ultimate package of expertise, top-quality materials, and professional installation.
With a team of skilled experts, we offer customized solutions, conducting free site inspections to understand your unique requirements precisely.
The affordable costs of our nets ensure value for your investment, supported by warranty coverage and post-installation support.
We provide prompt and timely service, address safety concerns comprehensively to prioritize customer satisfaction.
From pigeon nets to sports nets, our ultimate safety solutions supply to various requirements, promising a safer and more secure environment for your property.

Grill Net Specification

Type Safety & Bird Control
Brand Garware / Tuff Material
Material HDPE and Nylon Nets
Color White, Milky White, Green and Transparent
Shape of Mesh Square
Price ₹ 20 Per Square Feet onwards
Installation Free
Mesh Size Available in 25mm, 40mm, 50mm
Breaking Strength 23.08 kg
Thickness 0.7 - 2.5 mm
UV Stabilized Yes


Installing a safety net over the grill balcony requires professional assistance as they will be using proper equipment to hang and install the nets by following proper safety measures.

The price of Net starts from Rs 20 per Square feet. It depends on the quality and material of the Nets.