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Anti Monkey Net for Balcony

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Green Nylon Anti Monkey Net for Balconies

Updated on Thursday, March 21, 2024

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Monkeys entering homes can lead to a range of problems, including property damage through scratching and biting, potential health risks, and the theft of food from kitchens. Their behavior and noisy activities can create disturbances, posing safety concerns for residents, especially children and pets, while the need for repairs and cleanup can result in additional expenses. Anti Monkey Net for Balcony are very essential Nowadays. Sometimes our food items are stolen by them and also it will try to bite the people. A 5 year old child has been injured and lost his life because of the monkey. It was the most sensitive news in that period. After this incident, many people are fixing this monkey safety net in their home. In this page we cover all about the anti monkey net installation, purpose and others. Check full details by reading this page.

Are Monkeys Friendly to Humans?

In India, monkeys are seen as special, like GOD. Nowadays, monkeys come to cities for food, and they might attack people and take their things. To stop them from coming into your home, you can use nets on your balconies, terrace tops or any open areas.

News about monkey attacks in the past:

In 2018, in Cuttack, Odisha, people were upset about monkeys hurting others. People showed their anger by protesting on the streets.
In 2017, in Kendrapara district, a monkey hurt a government worker. Recently, in another Odisha village, women got hurt in similar attacks.

Monkey Protection Net in Hyderabad

Understanding Monkey Safety Nets:

Monkey safety nets are specially designed nets crafted from high-tensile strength materials like nylon or HDPE. These nets are strategically installed around balconies, windows, terrace railings, and other vulnerable areas, acting as an impenetrable barrier preventing monkeys from entering your home. They are lightweight, weather-resistant, and virtually invisible, ensuring both functionality and minimal aesthetic disruption.

Fast Safety Nets in Hyderabad offers expert installation of these monkey safety nets, providing residents with peace of mind and ensuring the safety of their homes and loved ones. With our efficient service and top-quality products, Fast Safety Nets is the trusted choice for safeguarding homes against monkey intrusions.

How do I protect my house from monkeys?

Number of ways you can do to prevent monkey intrusions on your balcony:
Remove food sources: Take out any food that may be on your balcony like fruits, vegetables, pet food etc.
Remove water sources.
Trim any trees or other vegetation that may be there.
Install nets: A physical barrier that keeps monkeys off your balcony. These nets are specifically designed to prevent monkeys from accessing your balcony space, ensuring the safety of your property and the well-being of your family.

Benefits of using anti monkey nets

1. Protection of Outdoor Spaces: Anti monkey nets provide a protective barrier for outdoor spaces around homes, preventing monkeys from entering and causing damage to gardens, balconies, or play areas, ensuring a safe and secure environment.
2. Prevention of Property Damage: These nets act as a deterrent, safeguarding homes from potential damage caused by monkeys, including broken windows, damaged rooftops, or destruction of outdoor furniture. This helps in preserving the structural integrity of the property.
3. Human Safety: By keeping monkeys at bay, monkey nets at balconies contribute to human safety, minimizing the risk of monkey-human conflicts. This is especially important in residential areas where encounters with monkeys can pose safety concerns for residents, particularly children and the elderly.

Why we Install Monkey Prevention Net in Hyderabad

4. Preservation of Gardens and Plants: Monkey net for garden protects plants from being foraged or destroyed by monkeys. This is particularly beneficial for homeowners who invest time and effort in maintaining a well-landscaped and lush outdoor environment.
5. Peaceful Living Environment: Utilizing monkey net for balcony creates a peaceful living environment by preventing the disturbances and nuisances associated with monkey intrusions. Residents can enjoy their homes without the disruptions caused by monkeys, encouraging a more serene and comfortable atmosphere.

How to choose the right net to prevent monkeys from your balcony?

Choose the right Monkey Net for Balcony based on its durability, mesh size, and installation quality to effectively prevent monkeys from accessing your balcony.

Mesh Size and Material: Consider the mesh size and material of the nets. Opt for a fine mesh that prevents monkeys from entering while ensuring the material is durable, weather-resistant, and suitable for the specific conditions of your balcony.
Customizable Monkey Net Installation: Choose a net that offers customizable installation options to fit the unique dimensions and layout of your balcony. This ensures a secure and tailored solution that effectively covers all potential entry points.
UV Resistance and Durability: Prioritize nets with UV-resistant properties to withstand prolonged sun exposure. Opt for durable materials that can endure varying weather conditions, ensuring longevity and effectiveness in protecting your balcony.
Ease of Maintenance: Select an anti-monkey net that is easy to maintain. Nets with low maintenance requirements, such as being washable or resistant to dust and debris, simplify the upkeep of your balcony netting.
Transparent and Aesthetic Appeal: Consider transparent or aesthetically pleasing anti monkey nets that do not obstruct the view from your balcony. This ensures an uninterrupted visual experience while still providing effective protection against monkey intrusions.

Monkey Safety Nets Fitting

1. Property Assessment: Begin by thoroughly examining your property, identifying areas vulnerable to monkey intrusion.
2. Equip for Safety: Prioritize safety by wearing the necessary protective gear, ensuring a secure installation process.
3. Strategic Net Placement: Strategically place the monkey safety nets, considering potential entry points and the layout of your property.
4. Anchor Securely: Install strong anchors on structures, ensuring they can withstand the tension required for effective monkey safety netting.
5. Net Attachment Technique: Employ a secure attachment technique, using reliable ropes to fasten the net tightly to the anchor points.
6. Tensioning Expertise: Tension the net with expertise, achieving optimal tightness to withstand potential impacts from monkey activity.
7. Quality Assurance: Conduct a thorough quality check, verifying the secure installation of all components and their compliance with safety standards.
8. Aesthetic Alignment: Make any necessary adjustments to not only secure the monkey prevention net but also align it aesthetically with your property.
9. Educate on Safety: Clearly communicate safety guidelines to residents, ensuring awareness and adherence to precautions associated with the installed safety net.
10. Regular Maintenance Plan: Establish a routine maintenance plan, scheduling periodic inspections to address any issues promptly and ensure the ongoing effectiveness of the monkey protection net.


Color Green / White / Milky white
Thickness 2.5mm
Mesh Size 30 mm - 50 mm
Size Customized sizes
Mesh Design Square
UV Protection Yes
Reliability Water-proofing and Strong
Wear-resistant Yes


Monkeys are naturally curious and may explore balconies in search of food, shelter, or out of curiosity.

No, anti-monkey nets are designed to provide a barrier without causing harm to them. They act as a humane deterrent to prevent monkey intrusions.

Anti monkey nets are typically made from durable and non-harmful materials like high-strength nylon or polyethylene.

Sparrows are considerably smaller and lighter than monkeys, and the mesh size of monkey safety nets might not be small enough to prevent these small birds from passing through. You can install a sparrow prevention net which is specially designed with a smaller mesh size.