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How to Get Rid of Pigeons in Apartments

Updated on Tuesday, July 07, 2024

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Pigeons, also known as rock doves, are a common sight in many parts of the world. While they may seem harmless, there are several problems associated with these birds. One of the biggest issues is their tendency to create large amounts of droppings, which can be both unsightly and unsanitary. These droppings can also cause damage to buildings and other structures if left unchecked. Implementing effective bird control measures is essential to manage these challenges effectively. Pigeons can also be carriers of diseases such as salmonella and histoplasmosis, which can be transmitted to humans through contact with their droppings. As such, it is important to take precautions when cleaning up after pigeons or handling them in any way. While there are several methods for deterring pigeons, including netting and bird spikes, it is important to take a proactive approach to managing these birds in order to prevent any potential problems from arising.

Are you looking for how to deter pigeons from balcony, terrace, Window etc? Then you are in a right place where you can get the effective solution to pigeon problems. After installing our pigeon prevention nets, avians do not enter your containment zone. You can fix this net on the balcony, ducts and more places. Here we are listing some places where you can install net to prevent pigeons/birds in your home and industry.

Nets to Prevent Pigeons

Fast Safety Nets in Hyderabad offers the #1 quality net for pigeons, ensuring effective bird control solutions for your property. We offer effective pigeon prevention nets, keeping your space free from unwanted avian visitors. Our specialized nets are designed to deter pigeons, ensuring a clean and bird-free environment. Trust Fast Safety Nets for reliable solutions to protect your property from pigeon intrusions. Experience peace of mind with our expertly installed and durable pigeon prevention nets.

How to avoid pigeons at home?

Prevent pigeons at home with our balcony, duct, industrial and house covering nets. These effective barriers discourage pigeons from roosting or nesting, maintaining a clean and hygiene environment. Install nets over openings like balconies and windows to keep these birds away, ensuring a comfortable and bird-free living space. Pigeon Net specializes in providing high-quality pigeon deterrent solutions, ensuring lasting protection against unwanted avian visitors.

What is Pigeon Net?

A pigeon net, also known as bird netting, is a protective barrier designed to prevent pigeons and other birds from entering specific areas. Typically made from durable materials like nylon or polyethylene, these nets form a physical barrier that blocks the access of birds, particularly pigeons, to spaces like balconies, terraces, and building facades.

Pigeon nets are an effective and humane solution to mitigate bird-related nuisances such as droppings, nesting, and damage to property, offering a reliable method for bird control in urban environments.

Where is Pigeon Netting Most Commonly Used?

Pigeon netting is commonly used in cities and neighborhoods where pigeons cause problems. People often install these nets in different places:

1. Homes: People use pigeon nets on balconies and terraces at home to stop pigeons from sitting or making nests.
2. Shops and Offices: Stores and offices use pigeon nets outside their buildings to keep pigeons away and avoid damage.
3. Factories: In factories, pigeon nets are used to protect buildings from pigeon droppings and to keep the work area clean.
4. Old Buildings: Pigeon nets are used on old buildings to prevent pigeons from causing damage to historical places.
5. Outdoor Restaurants: Restaurants with outdoor seating use pigeon nets to make sure birds don't disturb customers.
6. Airports: At airports, pigeon nets are used to keep birds away from planes and airport areas.
7. Roofs: Pigeon nets are placed on roofs to prevent pigeons from sitting or nesting.
8. Schools and Hospitals: Schools and hospitals use pigeon nets to keep their surroundings clean and safe.
In simple terms, pigeon netting is a useful solution to stop pigeons from causing trouble in different places, keeping areas clean and safe for everyone.

1. Net to Prevent Pigeons in Balcony
You can install anti bird netting on balconies in your house. Installing these is a strategic and humane approach to keeping pigeons out of the net. Our Nets are made of durable materials such as polyethylene or nylon. There is no doubt that these nets act as an excellent deterrent against bird intruders. You may want to maintain proper ventilation and an unobstructed view. At the same time it is important to choose the appropriate mesh size to prevent pigeons from entering. It ensures a comprehensive protection against pigeons, creating a bird-free and aesthetic balcony environment.
Prevent Pigeons in Balcony

2. How to stop pigeons entering into windows?
Windows are often used as a convenient place for pigeons or to store food. Many say that the cleanliness and beauty of this place is disturbed by pigeons. These pigeon nets can be fixed on the balcony to counter this problem. And fitting it can prevent things from falling down. And these preserve the exterior appearance of the building. This solution not only preserves the cleanliness of the windows, but also contributes to the overall maintenance and visual appeal of the building.

3. Net to Prevent Pigeon in Terrace
The terraces are open and high places where the pigeon is more common. This can lead to cleanliness and hygiene issues. UV-resistant terrace netting provides an effective solution to this problem. Crafted from materials capable of withstanding outdoor conditions, this netting is installed around the perimeter of the terrace to form a secure barrier. Don't worry, these nets will stop the pigeons.

Pigeon Prevention Netting in Hyderabad

4. Net to Prevent Pigeon in Duct
Pigeons entering ventilation ducts pose potential health hazards and operational risks. Specialized duct netting, designed to withstand environmental conditions, acts as a robust barrier against avian intrusions. Installation involves securing the netting around duct openings, preventing pigeons from entering while allowing for proper airflow. Regular inspections are essential to guaranteeing the duct netting's continued effectiveness because any wear or damage can reduce it. This solution not only protects the integrity of the duct system but also contributes to a healthier and safer indoor environment.

5. Net to Prevent Pigeon in Garden
Gardens, with their abundance of greenery, are attractive to pigeons seeking food and shelter. Garden netting provides an effective defense against these avian invaders. Choosing netting with small mesh sizes is essential to deter even the smallest birds from reaching vegetation. The installation process involves creating a protective barrier around the garden perimeter, safeguarding crops and plants. This solution not only protects the garden's flora but also contributes to the overall health and productivity of the outdoor space. Regular inspections and maintenance ensure the continued effectiveness of the garden netting, providing a bird-free and thriving garden environment.

6. Net to Prevent Pigeon in Agriculture
Agricultural areas, with their expansive fields and crops, are susceptible to bird damage, including that caused by pigeons. Purpose-built agricultural netting offers a targeted solution to protect crops from avian intrusions. Installation involves securing the netting over fields, creating a protective barrier against pigeons. Proper installation and secure fastening are essential to prevent birds from finding access points. This solution not only safeguards the crops but also contributes to the overall success and productivity of agricultural endeavors. Frequent inspections and maintenance ensure the durability and ongoing effectiveness of the agricultural netting, providing a reliable defense against pigeon-related crop damage.

7. Net to Prevent Pigeon in Industries
Industrial spaces, with their large structures and expansive areas, can face challenges posed by pigeons, including cleanliness and safety concerns. Heavy-duty industrial netting serves as an effective deterrent against avian intruders in these settings. Installation involves securing the netting across open spaces and potential roosting areas. Regular inspections and prompt repairs are crucial to maintaining the netting's effectiveness in industrial premises. This solution not only protects the cleanliness and safety of industrial environments but also contributes to the overall efficiency and functionality of these spaces.

Net  Installed to prevent pigeons in Hyderabad

How to install Net to prevent pigeons?

Install a pigeon net, start by measuring the targeted area accurately. Choose pigeon netting with a mesh size of around 30 mm to 50 mm to effectively deter pigeons. If there's no existing support structure, create a sturdy framework using poles or wires, ensuring it is securely anchored. Install hooks or eye bolts along the area's perimeter to serve as anchor points for the net.

Begin attaching the net to the hooks, securing it with cable ties or net clips. Work your way around the perimeter, making sure the net is taut and free of gaps. If a framework is used, ensure it is securely fastened and reinforced as needed. Regularly inspect the net for wear and tear, replacing damaged sections promptly to maintain effectiveness. Safety precautions, such as using a secure ladder or scaffolding, should be taken when working at heights. By following these steps and conducting regular maintenance, you can create a bird-free environment, protecting the designated space from potential damage caused by pigeons. Please take a moment to explore the details of our professional pigeon net fitting videos.

Pigeon Net Installation is a proactive and effective measure to safeguard your space from potential damage caused by pigeons. By following the outlined steps, from accurate measurement to the use of suitable pigeon netting and the creation of a robust support structure, you ensure a bird-free environment. Regular inspections and prompt replacements of damaged sections contribute to the long-term effectiveness of the net. As safety is paramount, take precautions when working at heights. For a more in-depth guide, explore our professional pigeon net fitting videos. Secure your space with precision and care, and enjoy a pigeon-free zone that stands the test of time. Ensure a pigeon-free environment with our professional Pigeon Net Fixing services.

Pigeon Net Installation in Hyderabad Near Me

Prevent pigeon intrusion on your balcony with professional pigeon netting installation. Fast Safety Nets in Hyderabad offers effective solutions to avoid pigeon in balcony and safeguard your space. Our skilled installers ensure a secure and humane barrier, keeping your balcony free from unwanted bird activity while preserving the view.

Why Choose Fast Safety Nets, Hyderabad?

  • Fast Safety Nets in Hyderabad offers top-notch pigeon netting solutions to effectively prevent pigeons from causing trouble in your living spaces.
  • Our high-quality nets, made from durable materials, provide a robust barrier against pigeons, ensuring that your balconies and windows stay free from droppings and nesting activities.
  • With a focus on customization and professional installation, Fast Safety Nets delivers reliable and weather-resistant pigeon netting solutions tailored to Hyderabad's climate.
  • Trust us to enhance the safety and cleanliness of your property while preserving its visual appeal. Choose Fast Safety Nets for a swift and effective solution to pigeon-related issues in Hyderabad.
  • Case Study: Implementing Pigeon Netting Solutions with Fast Safety Nets Hyderabad

    In urban environments, pigeon infestations can pose significant challenges for property owners. Here's a real-life case study showcasing how Fast Safety Nets Hyderabad helped a client effectively address pigeon problems with pigeon netting solutions.

    Case Study Details:
    Client: ABC Corporation, a commercial building owner in Hyderabad.
    Challenge: ABC Corporation faced persistent pigeon infestations on their building's balconies and rooftop areas. Pigeon droppings were not only unsightly but also posed health risks to tenants and visitors. Traditional deterrent methods had proven ineffective in keeping pigeons away.

    Solution: Fast Safety Nets Hyderabad conducted a comprehensive site assessment and proposed the installation of pigeon netting on the balconies and rooftop areas. The client agreed to the proposal, recognizing the need for a long-term, humane solution to their pigeon problem.


    Site Preparation: Fast Safety Nets Hyderabad prepared the site by cleaning the areas where the netting would be installed and ensuring that any existing pigeon nests were removed.

    Customized Netting Installation: Fast Safety Nets Hyderabad installed custom-sized pigeon nets on the balconies and rooftop areas. The nets were securely attached to prevent any gaps that pigeons could exploit.

    Quality Assurance: The installation team conducted thorough quality checks to ensure that the pigeon netting was properly tensioned and securely fastened to the building structure.

    Completion and Handover: Once the installation was complete, Fast Safety Nets Hyderabad provided the client with maintenance instructions and warranties for the installed pigeon netting.


    Immediate Reduction in Pigeon Activity: Following the installation of pigeon netting, ABC Corporation observed a significant reduction in pigeon activity on their property.

    Improved Hygiene and Safety: The absence of pigeon droppings improved the overall hygiene and safety of the building, enhancing the experience for tenants and visitors.

    Long-Term Solution: The pigeon netting provided by Fast Safety Nets Hyderabad offered a long-term solution to ABC Corporation's pigeon problem, eliminating the need for ongoing maintenance and deterrent measures.


    Through the implementation of customized pigeon netting solutions, Fast Safety Nets Hyderabad successfully helped ABC Corporation overcome their pigeon infestation challenges. The case study demonstrates the effectiveness of pigeon netting in providing a humane and long-term solution to bird control problems in urban environments.

    Customer Queries

    Installing anti-bird netting on balconies strategically and humanely keeps pigeons at bay. It acts as an effective barrier against avian intruders, ensuring a bird-free and aesthetically pleasing balcony environment.

    People commonly craft balcony bird netting from durable materials like polyethylene or nylon, providing longevity and effectiveness in preventing pigeons.

    Choosing an appropriate mesh size is crucial to prevent pigeons from entering while allowing for proper ventilation and maintaining an unobstructed view.

    You install the netting by securing it tightly to cover open spaces, ledges and potential roosting spots, creating a comprehensive defense against pigeons.

    Specialized window netting covers openings and ledges, addressing the issue of pigeons using windows as convenient perching or roosting spots. The transparent netting ensures minimal visual impact and contributes to the overall maintenance and visual appeal of the building.

    The rate for pigeon netting typically starts at Rs. 7 per square feet. For more detailed information and to inquire about Fast Safety Nets in Hyderabad, you can contact us at 9363632161. We will be able to provide specific pricing details based on your requirements, the size of the area to be covered, and any additional services or features you may need. Feel free to reach out to us directly for a customized quote and further assistance.