Pigeon Nets Hyderabad are not only popular for Balcony Nets but also for Anti Bird Safety Nets, Industrial Safety Nets, Staircase Safety Nets, Pets Safety Nets, Children Safety Nets, Construction Safety Nets And All types of Sports Nets.

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Updated on Tuesday, June 04, 2024

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Welcome to Fast Safety Nets Hyderabad

Fast Safety Nets Hyderabad, your trusted partner in safety net installations with over 9 years of expertise. Serving Hyderabad, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh, we specialize in providing top-quality safety nets, pigeon nets, and sports net installations.

Fast Safety Nets Hyderabad provides pigeon nets, children safety nets and pet nets for high-rise apartments in Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh. Some popular apartment complexes we serve include Aparna Sarovar Grande, My Home Bhooja, Lodha Bellezza, Prestige High Fields, Aditya Empress Towers, NCC Urban One in Vijayawada, Prestige Royal Woods and Cybercity Marina Skies in Vizag, Indu Fortune Fields, and Saket Bhu: Satva in Vijayawada. Trust us for reliable safety solutions for your loved ones and pets in these renowned residential communities.

We cater to the unique safety needs of diverse environments such as Cyber Towers and Mindspace IT Park in the bustling IT sector. Additionally, we extend our services to industrial hubs like Sanath Nagar Industrial Estate, ensuring worker safety in manufacturing processes.

Fast Safety Nets Solves Pigeon Infestation in Chanda Nagar Apartment

Residents of an apartment located in Chanda Nagar, Hyderabad, faced a persistent problem of pigeon infestation in their kitchen utility area and windows. Seeking a swift and effective solution, they turned to Fast Safety Nets, a renowned provider of bird control services in the region.

How to get rid of pigeon droppings at kitchen utility space:

kitchen utility work by Fast Safety Nets Hyderabad

The clients, residents of a third-floor apartment in Chanda Nagar, Hyderabad, were experiencing significant inconvenience and hygiene concerns due to the presence of pigeon droppings and nesting in their kitchen utility space.

Pigeon Net Installation using heavy duty hanging rope by following safety norms

kitchen utility work by Fast Safety Nets Hyderabad

Our expert team ensures safe and secure Pigeon Net Installation using heavy-duty hanging ropes, adhering strictly to safety norms. We prioritize safety alongside efficiency, guaranteeing a durable solution for your space. Trust us for a hassle-free experience and a bird-free environment.

Solution Implemented:

  • Assessment and Planning: Fast Safety Nets conducted a thorough assessment of the premises to identify the extent of the infestation and determine the most suitable approach for installation.
  • Customized Installation: Utilizing their expertise in bird control, the team devised a customized installation plan tailored to the specific layout of the apartment. This involved strategically placing nets to cover the kitchen utility area and windows while ensuring minimal disruption to the residents.
  • Safety Measures: Prioritizing safety, the team implemented rigorous safety measures, including the use of secure anchoring points and safety harnesses, to mitigate any risks associated with working at height.
  • Precision Installation: Despite the challenges posed by the inaccessible areas and obstacles such as pipes, the installation was executed with precision and attention to detail, ensuring maximum effectiveness in deterring pigeons.

  • Outcome:

    kitchen utility work done by Fast Safety Nets Hyderabad
    kitchen utility and window work done by Fast Safety Nets Hyderabad

  • Effective Bird Deterrence: Following the installation of Fast Safety Nets, the apartment was successfully protected from further pigeon infestation. The nets provided a physical barrier, preventing pigeons from accessing the kitchen utility area and windows.
  • Improved Living Conditions: With the elimination of pigeon-related nuisances, the residents were able to enjoy improved hygiene and comfort in their living space. Daily chores became more manageable, and ventilation through the windows was restored.
  • Client Satisfaction: The prompt and efficient resolution of the pigeon infestation issue by Fast Safety Nets garnered high praise from the clients. Their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to safety were commended, solidifying their reputation as a trusted provider of bird control services.

  • Conclusion:
    The successful resolution of the pigeon infestation in the Chanda Nagar apartment in Hyderabad exemplifies Fast Safety Nets' ability to deliver effective and tailored solutions to their clients' bird control needs. Through meticulous planning, customized installation, and adherence to safety protocols, Fast Safety Nets not only addressed the immediate problem but also contributed to the overall well-being and satisfaction of the residents.

    Ensuring Safety Across Industries: Our Impactful Projects

    Our expertise also encompasses manufacturing giants such as Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL), where we implement safety measures to safeguard workers and equipment alike. Commercial complexes like Hitec City and logistical centers like Shamshabad Cargo Terminal benefit from our comprehensive safety net solutions.

    Furthermore, our installations are prevalent in residential complexes and warehouses, ensuring safety for occupants and stored goods. From IT parks to manufacturing units, from commercial complexes to residential apartments, Fast Safety Nets Hyderabad delivers top-notch safety net installations tailored to each client's unique requirements.

    Backed by years of expertise and a commitment to quality, our comprehensive safety net solutions offer peace of mind for property owners and managers across diverse industries and environments.

    Safeguarding Homes: Child Safety Net Installation at Aparna Sarovar Grande

    One of our popular projects, Albert from Aparna Sarovar Grande, reached out to us with a concern about their child. They live on the 12th floor and have an active, exploring toddler who loves to crawl around. With open balcony railings and stairs, they worried about their child's safety. After researching, they discovered child safety net for balcony solutions for balconies and stairs. That's when they found us, Fast Safety Nets, and reached out for help.

    After gathering their requirements, we presented Albert and his family with 2-3 net options tailored to their needs. Considering the paramount importance of child safety, we recommended the following specifications to the client:

    Material: Nylon
    Color: Milky White, White, and Green
    Thickness: 2mm, 2.5mm

    The client ultimately selected nylon material with a milky white color and a thickness of 2.5mm.

    Nylon nets 2.5mm thickness

    To estimate the cost, we calculated the typical square footage of their balcony and multiplied it by the cost per square feet, which was ₹30. This ensured transparency and clarity regarding the total investment required to safeguard their balcony and ensure their child's safety.
    let's calculate the estimated cost for a 150 square feet area with a cost of ₹30 per square feet:

    Estimated cost = 150 square feet × ₹30 per square feet
    Estimated cost = ₹4500
    So, the estimated cost for the safety net installation, including materials and installation, would be ₹4500.

    Once they were satisfied with our proposal, our team procured the suggested materials and proceeded to their location for installation. After ensuring proper installation, we conducted a thorough quality check. Finally, we provided them with a warranty letter, ensuring their satisfaction and peace of mind. They were delighted with the outcome.

    Shade Netting

    Mr. Krishna contacted us via Instagram Messenger, worried about his plants getting too much direct sunlight on his terrace. Being a gardening enthusiast, he's deeply invested in his plants' health and wanted to ensure they thrive. Our team promptly assisted him in meeting his requirements, providing tailored solutions to protect his plants from excessive sunlight exposure.

    Shade Nets Installation

    Industrial Bird Netting

    One of Hyderabad's leading industries reached out to us, expressing concerns about severe pigeon issues plaguing their facility. These birds were causing numerous problems, disrupting operations and creating an unsanitary environment. Understanding their predicament, our team recommended industrial bird netting, presenting them with 2-3 options of netting materials, mesh sizes, and colors to choose from.

    Once they agreed to the solution, our team swiftly initiated the installation process at their facility. With precision and expertise, we ensured the netting was properly installed, leaving no room for pigeons to infiltrate. Upon completion, we provided them with a warranty letter, guaranteeing the effectiveness of our solution.

    Now, with the industrial bird netting in place, the facility no longer faces the nuisance of pigeons. Operations can resume smoothly, and the staff can work in a cleaner and more hygienic environment. Our team takes pride in delivering effective solutions that bring relief and satisfaction to our clients.

    Note: At Fast Safety Nets Hyderabad, we offer personalized quotes for industrial bird netting, designed to fit each client's budget. Costs vary from Rs. 10 to Rs. 30 per square feet, depending on the unique needs and size of the area requiring coverage.